Skip the Cardio Machine-- Jump Rope!

Everyday there seems to be a new fitness method or piece of equipment that promises to burn fat and get you results. It can be overwhelming for even fitness professionals to decide what and how is the most efficient way to get in shape. 

We are always looking for  new and innovative ways to make it easier on people to find the time and resources to improve their health and fitness. Well, it is almost impossible to find a more inexpensive, space saving piece of equipment that gives you more benefits than the jump rope. Remember that thing we used to all know how to do as kids? Yes, that jump rope. 

Jumping rope is one of the most efficient ways someone can improve their health and fitness. First and foremost, it is a very effective way to burn fat, increase core strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Jumping rope requires us to use multiple energy systems as well as multiple muscle groups for maximum calorie burn. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at 120 RPM’s (revolutions per minute) has been shown to have the same cardiovascular benefits as jogging at moderate intensity for 30 minutes.

Some other health benefits of jumping rope include:  Improved posture, joint integrity, balance and brain function. The act of jumping rope puts high demand on our Central Nervous System to coordinate each muscle and movement improving our vestibular system as well as improving our spatial awareness.  Not to mention the performance benefits are endless. 

On top of that, jumping rope takes up minimal space, is inexpensive, easy to take anywhere and supplements perfectly with a good resistance training program. It truly is the perfect tool for anyone looking to add to their home gym or home fitness routine. 

While jumping rope may seem straightforward, there are a wide variety of techniques and routines that can be performed with the jump rope. However, learning the basic rope-jumping skills is very important before moving onto some of the more advanced strategies. Just like any other exercise program it is important to create a baseline, design a strategy or progression and be consistent. 

To keep it simple, jumping rope is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach any health and fitness goal you may have. But, while jumping rope has a very low risk for injury it is important to take precautions before starting a jump roping program. These include:

  1. Speaking with your doctor or health professional before starting an exercise program.
  2. Pairing jumping rope with a resistance training program or cross training.
  3. Using the right jump rope and size of rope as well as shoes and attire.

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