Best Pulling Exercise You Are Not Doing

The pulling pattern is arguably the most important of the upper body for long term shoulder health; but, are you pulling correctly? 

The Pull

The pull is commonly overlooked or under worked by beginners because you don't normally see these muscles in the mirror. When working out a proper program has a 3:1 ratio pull to press. Meaning you are pulling three times more in total volume than you are pressing. Pulling motion involves pulling a weight toward your body or your body towards your hands. It is important to find the correct pulling patterns for you. If you have shoulder injuries then the vertical pull may not be the best option unless using a neutral grip.

One of the best under utilized rowing variations is a Meadows Row. Tuck a barbell into a corner or place it into a Landmine and load the bar with the desired weight. Setting up in a staggered stance you want to kick your right leg back if you are working your right arm to allow the barbell to move unobstructed as you row. Bend forward at the torso to get your upper body as parallel to the floor as possible; usually 30 degrees or less is the sweet spot. Row the weight up between your last rib and your pelvis to engage your lat muscles optimally. This unilateral exercise allows you to create balance and stability by using one arm and being unsupported which engages your core so the meadows row is a two for one!

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