What is my “CORE”?

We’ve all heard the phrases- “use your core”, “brace your core”, “move from your core”. But really what does that mean? More importantly, when you “activate your core” are you doing it correctly… if at all?Your core is a complex network of muscles extending much deeper than the highly coveted “sixpack” abs. Many of these important muscles are hidden beneath the exterior musculature that people typically train. They include your transverse abdominus, lumbar multifidi, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles, to name a few. When properly fired, these muscles are designed to synergistically provide 360 degrees of security for our lumbar spine while creating a stable
frame for the limbs to move around. Engaging these muscles is not something that most people
do consciously, therefore it is important to learn how to effectively co-contract these muscles.

Why is it important?

From a neurological perspective, the core muscles are designed to contract reflexively and automatically in response to everyday situations resulting in stability and protection for our spine. Over the years, we tend to become more sedentary. Less time running, jumping and moving in general. More time spent sitting at work, on the couch or in the car. The cumulative effect is deconditioning and atrophy of these deeper core muscles. Now we have weakness and decreased response time when we need these stabilizers to protect us most. Learning the proper techniques of breathing and bracing is one of the first steps that you can take to improving your health and wellness. Master this and your body will become much more efficient in creating, maintaining and utilizing its strength, power and endurance throughout the day. If you’re confused or struggling with this don’t wait for something to go wrong. Reach out and let’s fix it today.



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